About Us


Vyda means life in Spanish. It is also the combination of our names- VYas+DAni. We started Vyda with the vision to celebrate the moments that bring a smile to your face.


Vyda is here to remind you that unexpected everyday miracles are just around the corner and we’re here to celebrate them with and for you. Once they happen, we’ll keep that energy close to your heart to keep that smile alive.


Be it the day when you got your dream job, or the day you got your dream apartment, the day you got into the school of your dreams, or the day you first met your best friend, the day you got your puppy, the day you got proposed to, or the day you first became friends with your parents … all those moments that become cherishable milestones of life. We want to be a part of those with you, through Vyda.




  • Dani Franken (co-founder, wife, “the artsy one”):

    Dani is a fashion designer, born in Mexico City she moved to Canada knowing exactly zero people in September 2016. She is the creative extrovert part of Vyda, brimming with ideas and broad smiles at all times. Dani’s go-to are the Mini Mila Hoops paired with the Aurora ring.

  • Vivek Vyas (co-founder, husband, “the business guy”):

    Vivek was born in India, raised in Dubai and met Dani in 2018, in Vancouver. He is an analytical introvert, focussed on keeping Dani from giving everything away for free and capturing her great ideas into execution. Vivek dreams of the day when Dani starts designing jewelry for men.

Our Values

Everyday jewelry crafted with love, to celebrate the moments that bring a smile to your face.


All of our statements are 925 Mexican sterling silver handcrafted by families of multi-generation sterling silver artisans dedicated to creating the best quality products. 

Our product is high quality, long lasting, hypoallergenic, and made for everyday wear. We put a lot of effort into wear testing each piece, making sure that it does not cause any allergies, break, and/or tarnish with time.  We’re constantly taking feedback and applying to iterate through our designs, and you’ve rewarded us by always coming back to us for your daily statements.


We care deeply about everyone we interact with, and believe that everyone comes into our lives for a reason - to teach us something, and learn something just as well. Vyda’s first and foremost purpose is to celebrate life’s everyday miracles and we strive to make real connections with everyone we cross paths with. You’ll often find us talking to everyone at our pop-ups and through our social channels.We design our statements with the vision to celebrate the moments that bring a smile to your face. We aspire to connect with you through our pieces, and believe that when you like our designs and choose them to be symbols of your “smile-bringing-moments”, you appreciate us at some level just as well. We believe that those that make our jewelry are just as important as those that wear it. Our jewelry comes from a tourism driven town famous for its sterling silver artisans. However, when Covid-19 hit the world in 2020, things took a turn for the worse in this town, as tourism went to zero. It was around this time that we decided to engage these local artisans to begin producing for Vyda - making it a reason to bring a smile to their faces, just as it does to ours and yours!


We created Vyda because we are passionate about making a positive impact on people’s lives. This is the reason why we spend our weekends doing pop-ups and our evenings working through designs - precisely because it is not “work” to us. Bringing a smile to your faces through our designs is the greatest gift you can reward our passion with. Hard work is one of the core values that we (Vivek and Dani) connected on when we first met, and it’s sharing our passion that has allowed us to push each other further than we had individually imagined.  When you are passionate about what you do, building dreams is more fun than work.

Constant Learning

We strongly believe that to learn is to grow and to keep learning is to keep growing. You are our best teachers. Everybody in the Vyda family comes from a different background, culture and story. We thrive to learn from all of you and continue to grow and reflect our learnings through our statements.